WT Industries, LLC is an innovative engineering technology company specializing in launch and recovery systems for offshore equipment. We have patents pending on new technology referred to as a Pass Through - Tether Management System (PT-TMS) that eliminates the armored umbilical for ROV Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS).

By integrating the PT-TMS technology into our own Sub-Atlantic Mohawk ROV system we provide the most reliable, efficient, economical and safe ROV Inspection Services possible. This technology will reduce deck loading and space by half for a typical ROV system spread. Also, eliminating the HPU and powering with all electric drives provides for a more reliable environmentally friendly LARS.

Our intent is to utilize and build on this technology to produce containerized LARS systems for even the largest and deepest ROV systems, AUVs or ASVs making them highly mobile and essentially plug and play onto vessels. Providing our customers with the best possible results is our utmost responsibility and desire. Whatever your needs, if it involves an ROV, AUV or ASV we can provide you with the most qualified personnel, equipment, and accessories to quickly get the job done and done right. Please contact us today for all your needs.