ROV Systems


Sub-Atlantic Mohawk System




The Mohawk ROV is a 1000-meter rated vehicle with very good power to weight ratio for excellent current handling capability.  The ROV has 2 fiber optic passes allowing for control plus second fiber for HD camera, high-resolution sonar data or laser measurement systems.




With the WT Industries Pass Through – Tether Management System (PT-TMS) you benefit from the reliability of a free flying ROV while still having the benefits of a traditional TMS negating the impact of currents on the tether down to working depth making it ideal for doing platform inspections.  Since the tether is only controlled at the PT-TMS with a traction system the excursion distance is only a function of the overall tether length less the PT-TMS depth.


Since the PT-TMS is a Top Hat Style, the ROV can utilize under hung skids with ease.  Brush attachments, CP probes, FMD’s and other small tooling and sensors can be mounted on a skid and when not required can easily be removed for better ROV handling and getting into tighter spaces when necessary.




An A-Frame style LARS skid has the Controls Container mounted to it making for a total system one truck, one pick mobilization to the vessel. The same arrangement makes it unnecessary to use stands or beams to keep clear of wet decks and the extra sea fastening associated with it.  By combining the two together the space requirements are reduced to a very small 8’ x 21’ footprint on deck.  With the all-electric drive system a single 440V connection to the Controls Container powers everything and there is no HPU to deal with and its associated environmental hazards.  The A-Frame is designed to launch the ROV over the bulwarks minimizing mobilization time and cost.


The A-Frame incorporates alignment receptacles to engage the stabs of the PT-TMS to orient and prevent it from swinging into the uprights.  To dampen any swinging back and forth the receptacles have adjustable friction brakes on the cross bar.  These features make the ROV easily launched and recovered safely by one technician even in rough weather.