The Contain-a-LARS product line is simply containerized LARS systems.  Most will incorporate the PT-TMS technology and is only possible due to this new technology.


 10’ Inspection


The target ROV will be a 300-meter inspection observation vehicle like Falcon, Mohave or Predator.


Two different conceptual models are currently under development.  One will be to incorporate the new PT-TMS technology.  The second model will utilize a davit crane and new auto attaching clump weight system to offer an even more economical solution.


20’ Electric Lt / Work


We are currently building out this model LARS for a 1000 meter rated ROV with 1350-meter tether.


It combines controls cabin and LARS with PT-TMS in a single  20’ high cube container with overhead gantry crane to launch ROVs up to 1500 lbs directly out of the container.  The PT-TMS is capable of 1000 meter deployment depths while tether lengths will be dependent upon the particular vehicle employed.  This LARS / Controls combination in one container is a true plug and play system requiring no set up time beyond sea fastening and electrical connection.